Mark E. - My Dad - Thank You DAD!


When my dad was hospitalized back in Late 2011 for what would be the last time before he died, the doctors thought that maybe it was possible that he had been slowly developing Alzheimer's or dementia or a little bit of both. I myself am not really sure, however just a few months before he died, was when I started taking a interest in this disease and the group. Even though, there might be times when my dad might not be able to remember what happen 5 minutes ago, he could at times vividly remember things that happen 50 yeaers earlier or from his childhood. My dad had other health issues as well, but he still try to maintain being the kind, compassionate, generous loving caring man that he was towards his family and even to strangers. thanks dad. I hope heaven is putting your talents to good use. Your son MarkE.

Tags: Sons and Daughters