Ed B. - A Son! Caregiver and Possibly Have It!!!


How do I start!!! First I lost my Mother just before her 61st year to this devastating disease just after my 16th Birthday. I am one of five siblings and there is only I and one who will turn 70 this September. 

My oldest brother succumbed to a Massive Heart Attack in 1989 just after his 56th Yr.; then another at the age of 66 & 1/2 to Alzheimers' in 2006; then another in 2013 at 71; my siser has been in assisted living since the Fall of 2011 and just turned 79. They all seemed to has suffered about 4-6 yrs. before death; except for my Sister who is clinging on; but doesn't know me and I was her special brother. She took care of me as a baby when my mom worked.

My Mom's sibings; I believe there were seven; all died of this except one of natural causes in his mid-eighties.

So Yes I and my other brother are very likely candidates for acquiring this disease. I won't speak for him; we don't talk much. I was about 11 when Dad  & I first noticed Mom acting unusual; not remembering where she put things; she used to cook by measurements and stopped; just adding ingredients on a whim and doing a taste test. it was early 1963 and she started driving strangely; dad took the car and gave it to a brother; she walked about 10 miles to go get it; we had no idea where she went until my brother showed up about 6 hours later with her.

In 2000 I noticed one of my brothers acting very similiar; he would point to items and say I know what that is; but couldn't find the word for it. I assisted helping with him for about a year but had to work to support myself. Then in the Summer of 2004 his wife died of MERSA; I recieved a call from a caretaker and returned that Fall of 2004 to help again. This near drove me crazy at times and other times we would laugh as he also was the joker of the family. I left in the Spring of 2006 as we had to put him in a home; he died that November and I went back and helped with the finals. 

 The end of March 2012; I had my Acute STEMI HA; recieved three stents; two in the widowmaker and one in the RCA. So far I have been very fortunate as a survivor; ex-drinker; 25+ yr.s and ex-smoker since the HA. 

This is a familial generational devastating; gut-wrenching; hand-twisting; horrible disease that I wish on no one of good character. It turns some into the most hateful; irritating; ETC. unhumans and others into meek and mild; lovable individuals. Of course we learn to love the person and hate the disease. 

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