Anita S. - My Mother: The Sharpest Memory of Anyone We Knew


My mother, Evelyn Bernstein, is 89 years old. After a hip fracture in 2009, my family moved her from San Diego to Los Angeles, to be closer to us. We began to notice cognitive changes, which have increased to a state of substantial memory loss, delusional thinking, and disorientation. My mother was not only bright and articulate, she had the sharpest memory of anyone we knew. I am a psychologist in private practice, and I teach medical students, but nothing in my training or years of experience have prepared me for confronting what is known as an "ambiguous loss" of a loved one. There is nothing ambiguous about the need for increased funding for research and development of a cure and prevention of dementia and Alzheimer's. My husband, Marvin, and I are immeasurably grateful to the unrelenting pursuit of these goals by George and Trish Vradenburg, and are hopeful that our donation and advocacy will contribute to the eradication of this disease for others in the near future.

Tags: Sons and Daughters