Sheri T. - My Mother and Alzheimer's


Mom passed almost 4 years ago from Alzheimer's. It was heart breaking to watch the best parts of her personality fade away. Mom's kind, loving, trusting traits disappeared and changed into hateful outbursts, paranoid thoughts and fear filled behavior. At first we had no idea what was happening to her. We were unable to keep her safe as she wandered at night, made up lies to cover the confusion in her mind, and her multiple falls leading to broken bones. As the Alzheimer's progressed, she required expensive 24-hour care. The disease divided our family as we watched mom's suffering. Her mind tortured and tormented her until the end. The family is still torn apart from the chaos, roller coaster, and financial hardship brought on by the disease. Mom only lived 10 months after her diagnose of Alzheimer's, which was an answer to prayer.

Tags: Sons and Daughters