Tammy C. - My Dear Dad


I lost my dear Dad on Marxh 22, 2013.  He fought a hard fight and cheated death a few times.  We were told he showed signs of Alzheimer's about six years ago.  It is so hard to watch a loved one struggle with this disease and slowly take away his memory, dignity, and ability to function without assistance.

My Dad was very intelligent, owned his own business, could build anything and grow the best garden vegetables.  He was very social, loved Johnny Cash and was often the life of the party playing air guitar.

He was a wonderful Dad and an unmatched Grandfather.   By the time Great Grandchildren came along, Alzheimer's was stealing him away but he did his best with them, knowing they were special but perhaps not recalling their name, if they were a boy or girl, or have any idea of their age, but those kids loved their 'Papaw Great' unconditionally.

The relationship my parents shared was very touching, Even on the days Dad didn't know Mom, that he was married to her or that they had children, he knew she was someone special.  Of course with that came, those who are closest to you are the ones you strike out at and it was difficult to see my Mom who was the 100% caregiver deal with that, but she continued to remind herself it was the disease and not my Dad.

Watching my father suffer with Alzheimer's was the most difficult thing I have ever done, as while I could be there, be sympathetic, and love him, I could never really help him as I couldn't change the outcome, and in the end Alzheimer's claimed another.

I love and miss you Dad.  Happy Father's Day!

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