Kristie F. - My Dear Grandma!


My grandma was diagnosed with this disease almost ten years ago. On January of this year, we lost our family matriarch. she was the glue that kept us together. My parents moved my family to Louisiana about 23 years ago. The hardest part for me, was that my mom was not able to be there for her mom, even though we tried to visit often. So the care was left to my aunts who lived close to her. After the disease took over, it was hard to see my grandma, because i remember how she used to be. My grandma was one tough cookie. She had been alone since my grandpa passed away in 72. I remember the huge garden that she grew every year. She was always busy doing things from sewing to canning her fruits and veggies to having grandkids over on a regular basis. She was a very humble lady. She never even had a drivers license. I will miss that lady with a heart of gold. Love and miss you grana goldie!I just wish that we could find a cure for this disease and eradicate it into extinction. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families that have to endures the difficulties of the horrific disease.