Our Impact

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s was founded in 2010 to disrupt and diversify the movement to cure Alzheimer’s. Through urgent and inclusive mobilization, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s has worked to dramatically increase funding for Alzheimer’s and dementia research.


UsAgainstAlzheimer’s has work across sectors in partnership with many others to:

  • Secure $10 billion dollars in additional annual public funding for Alzheimer’s research over the 2010 baseline of $448 million a year. Needed increases every year in U.S. investment in dementia research at the National Institutes of Health resulted in a $3.1 billion in spending for FY2021. The increased U.S. spending has have prompted the U.K., Canada, and Japan also to commit to greater research investment.
  • Win adoption of a national goal to effectively treat and prevent Alzheimer’s by 2025.
  • Drive global efforts that resulted in the G7 nations embracing a similar 2025 goal and calling for greater levels of research investment and collaboration.
  • Launch the Global Alzheimer’s Platform (GAP) Foundation to build the first global trial-ready platform for Alzheimer’s drug development--to reduce the time, cost and risk of getting innovative medicines to persons with or at risk of dementia.
  • Create LEAD Coalition (Leaders Engaged on Alzheimer’s Disease), the largest nationwide coalition of Alzheimer’s organizations, comprised of over 90 organizations with the ability to reach more than 3 million individuals.
  • Launch the A-LIST, the first patient- and caregiver-led research network.
  • Convene the Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer’s (CEOi) to bring together top private-sector leaders to collaborate with government and researchers to overcome barriers to treatments.
  • Launch the Davos Alzheimer’s Collaborative, a global initiative led by CEOi and the World Economic Forum that is developing a global cohort to identify new targets for potential treatments, a global clinical trial platform to reduce the cost and time to bring new treatments to market, and a healthcare system better-prepared to get new treatments to patients.
  • Drive U.S. and global action against dementia with the appointment of George Vradenburg, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Chairman and Co-Founder, as a founding member of the U.S. Advisory Council on Alzheimer’s and of the World Dementia Council.
  • Lead formation of the first-ever Global Alliance on Women’s Brain Health.
  • Create the UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Center for Brain Health Equity as part of our ongoing work to address the disparate impact of Alzheimer’s and related dementias on communities of color and women. The Center is led by UsA2 in collaboration with the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, the National Black Nurses Association and Alzheimer’s Los Angeles and made possible by a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Healthy Brain Initiative.
  • Lead the campaign for a national prevention goal that has received support from nearly 200 experts and leading organizations.
  • Help millions of Americans who worry about their memory or brain health with the launch of BrainGuide™ by UsAgainstAlzheimer’s, a powerful platform to help them find their way to helpful resources and a path forward. This first-of-its-kind resource includes a confidential memory questionnaire – taken over the phone or online in English or Spanish – followed by tailored education and resources based on the answers provided.
  • Create and launch the Be Brain Powerful campaign™, which empowers women to take more control over their brain health. The campaign has expanded to other countries such as Switzerland.
  • Raise public awareness through major media: Good Morning America (ABC), Today Show (NBC), NBC News, CNN, PBS, Telemundo, Bloomberg, Barron’s, Reuters, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Huffington Post, Nature, Science, Scientific American, Psychology Today, and many more.

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