Ralph C. - The Love of My Life


My wife of 57 years has had Alzheimer for four years. So far and I hope forever I will be able to take care of her forever at home. I couldn't imagine waking up in the morning without her by my side. She still smiles and laughs and tells me when we go to bed, how much she loves me. A few months ago, she wondered from our house and had a bad fall. I have taken precausions so that will not happen again. A loud alarm on the door that sounds when it is open, I have someone come in daily for a few hours so I can go on errands. I have heart problems but manage. She likes to go out to lunch and dinner often with good friends. We no longer travel as she is most comfortable in her surroundings in our home. I am grateful for all our good years and our two daughters and grandchildren visit us when they can. Prayers and hugs help.

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