Douglas T. - Brand New Care Giver


I am a brand-new caregiver. For almost two years my wife has been suffering from dementia, the category into which she was placed after the discovery that her spinal fluid had been misrouted through her brain - in my engineering mind, she had a valve fail. She had been able to do some chores around the house but her real persona had been disrupted. Then three weeks ago, she suffered a mini-stroke, called a TIA. It really changed her. The things she had been able to do before it hit were difficult or impossible for her now. I have a terrific support network of friends and fellow church members, and the county is providing a paid person for 3.5 hours per week. We have a care organization sharing our church building, and I have been able to get her enrolled. Somehow they have found a source of funds which will allow a year's care, giving me time to do necessary errands and volunteer work which I have as a responsibility. I have found the only support group in our city and am committed to continue attending those meetings. I don’t know if there are resources available to me if she needs to be put into a living situation, small apartment in a facility staffed by many caring professionals. I will need to remain in our home, and it will all be difficult.

Tags: Spouses and Partners