Carol B. - My Sister and Me


My sister and I are 10 years apart so we were not close until I became and adult actually when i turned 21. Growing up she always took care of me and looked out for me since I was her baby sister. About 9 years ago she was faced with a difficult situation in her life and was under alot of stress, shortly after that the signs started to appear but when I think back to other situations the signs were there but I just shrugged them off. She was diagnosed with dementia about 6 years ago.

As year year passes she gets a little worse. She has early onset dementia he was 59 when diagnosed but there were little signs before that. She is not 66 years old and cannot do anything for herself. Her husband is her care taker. She has already forgotten her grandchildren. It won't be long before she forgets the rest of us. My brother in law is a saint, I don't know how he does it everyday. I help out when I can and give him a much needed break. Our parents are still alive so of course they hate it. She can no longer bath herself or get dressed. Just thought I would share my story from a loving sister.

I am sharing a picture of my sister and I taken several years ago.

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