Joyce H. - The Story of Edna P.


We call her Mom, Aunt Edna, Ms. Dav, Ms. D, Granny  Edna P, Ms Edna, and Mrs. Davenport... 
In the picture above, she is with her grandchildren, smiling - she doesn't know them by name but when she sees them she lights up, smiles and gives hugs. 
This is what the debilating disease dementia and alzheimer's has done to her and 5.4 million other loved ones. 
Mom worked for 50 years in dietary at Albert Einstein Medical Center.  There she made sure "her" patients as she called them got the proper diet. 
At home, she took care of her family, friends and neighbors.  She loved to cook and when it came to baking cakes, she would make cakes that looked like a football field, basketball field, a drum, racing track cake, you ask and she would do.   Her delicious Pineapple Upside Down cakes and lemon pound cakes were the best.  She would use her imagination and come up with something you would love.

All of this is gone now, due to something and someone I am still learning about, live with and love.   

She's Mom plain and simple.  When she goes into "her world", a world I really know nothing about I ask God to help me give her the answers that will suffice for the moment.  There are times when she knows who I am and most of the time she doesn't.  She tells me I am her best friend.  That's fine with me as long as she knows me. When she is sleep ing, I look at her and thank God (again).  I have even gotten mad, telling God, "I didn't sign up for this"!!!  But a still voice told me, "no, you didn't, I did".  Patience run short, nerves get frazzeled and sometimes I just sit.   She will ask the same question over and over again and I will answer it over and over again.  I keep smiling. :)         

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