Aurelia G. - The Night My Mom Never Returned Home


Manchester Center Mall that is the name of my mom's favorite place. She visits that place everyday 365 days, she'll go not just once she'll go two and even 3 times in a day. Manchester Center is 3.4 miles from home, my little mom she walks going and coming she used to take the bus but not really anymore. You see sometimes when she does take the bus she gets lost, she wont recongize her surroundings, she doesnt recongize most of her surroundings anymore. Alzheimers has taken that away from her and it keeps taking and taking. Well it finally took her and took away from us on July 6, 2012. She left in the morning like she always did but this time she didnt make her way back home, this time no police brought her home, this time I couldn't find her anywhere, nowhere, nothing. The night came and turned into morning. She didnt find her way home and I didnt make it to her on time. Someone else found her they found her floating in a local canal at 6 a.m. she'd fallen in and drowned. It kills me, it kills me, it kills me. I took care of my mom from the time she was diagnosed, I watched this disease pick away and take her. Today is April 6, 2013 today has been 9months that this cruel disease took my little mama. And left me broken...



Aurelia G    



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