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This is a photo of my beautiful mother. She is wonderful, full of life and laughter and kind. About eight years ago she became increasingly ill and my family received a late diagnosis of frontal lobe dementia and or alzheimers disease.

My father,brother and I were all devestated by this. We all love her so much-too much for words to express. My father was hit hardest of all. Once a soft-spoken, stern, strong kind-hearted stately figure of a man, upon realizing there was no cure for my mom or even a good medicine available to fight the progression if the illness-he turned sorrowful, angry and distant for a while.

I knew this wasn't realy him but what the disease was doing to my mother had made of him. I promised my parents I would fight for a better medicine until it happened-no matter how long it might take and I pledged the rest of my life to looking to find that medicine, hopefully in time for my mom to still have a chance and if not for others in her honor. We continue to give mom all the love and care We can and We forge ahead,come what may, I'm hopes of fulfilling my pledge to my parents. Because of organizations like usagainstalzheimers, I know it is possible.

Thank you

Carla D.

Glorias D's daughter

"Remember Gloria, Gloria Lives"

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