Michele D. - Always a Mom

My Mom Jean has Alzheimer's Disease 14 years. Mom lived with me for many years misdiagnosed. She was 58. Alzheimer's never crossed my mind or the Drs. This disease knows no boundaries including age. We were all ignorant. In 2005 after an ER visit and 19 horrid days in a psych ward   Mom was diagnosed and was told she had less than 3 years to live. Mom insisted on placement in a Nursing home. Me and my sister were furious but had no choice but to respect her wishes. I guess mom knew she was sicker than we did and she was protecting us. Always a mom <3. They were wrong, Mom is still here....
I am still her caregiver. I take care of her Medical decisions, her physical and emotional needs but most of all I get to be her daughter and love her. I appreciate the care she deserves from the professionals at the Nursing home. My goal is to keep her safe pain free and happy. 
Two years ago I found Memory People an online FB support and awareness group for patients ,caregivers , and advocates. There I learned to live with the "new normal" , to live in Moms world because she cannot live in mine. I appreciate the little things, a hug a touch a little smile. Mom is now far into the disease but still knows who I am, Always a Mom <3.  I never thought I could hate anything as much as I hate this disease. We were robbed, mom was robbed. I miss my Mom. The pain of knowing you are losing your brain everyday is just so cruel.  I fight back  as an Administrator of Memory People, giving support and spreading awareness.   This is a lonely journey as you know so please if you or a loved one is fighting this disease reach out for help. Join us at  Memory People 
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