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This is a letter written to my state's Congressional Delegation over two years ago when my wife was just entering moderate Alzheimer's:

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Two years before Mom died, my sister, brother, and I began noticing changes in her. Her long-time family doctor would not make a diagnosis, nor would he refer her to a specialist who would. He led us to believe that these changes were a "normal" part of aging. Mom lived alone in the home we grew up in, with my brother and sister nearby. I live 90 miles away. The changes were more pronounced to me, since I didn't see her every day as they did.

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My mother was a PhD in human physiology, played bridge, tennis, all the "right things" to prevent Alzheimer's, and nevertheless watched her "hard drive" slowly fail as she turned 75. Her own mother had the disease about the same age, so my mother lived in fear of a similar fate. As it was, it would be 15 long years, before she was finally released from the cage of this disease. I want all of you to know that we were able to keep her home for an additional five years because of a much- maligned drug in the news these days - Zyprexa (Olanzapine).

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