Your story is so important. The facts and statistics on Alzheimer’s disease are alarming, but stories like yours bring the crisis to life.

Stories provide hope and support for those affected by the disease. They also inspire action by those who may not be directly affected by Alzheimer’s by personalizing the disease and building awareness around its impact.

You never know with whom or how your story may resonate, but it could make all the difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Will you share your story, and help us bring an end to Alzheimer’s disease?

  • Michele D. - Always a Mom

    Submitted by Michele D.
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  • Jacqueline P. - My Best Friend, "My Grandma, G.G."

    Submitted by Jacquelyn Rae P.
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  • Kay H. - The Etiquette of Dementia

    Submitted by Kay H.
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  • Tinkie W. - Peaches and Cream

    Submitted by Tinkie
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  • Marie S. - Life With a Different Beginning

    Submitted by Marie
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  • Carole S. - Mama Hawk's Journey

    Submitted by Carole
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  • Edward S.- Poem for Esther

    Submitted by Edward
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  • Allan V. - Traveling a Difficult Road with Alzheimer's

    Submitted by Allan
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  • Tammy C. - My Dear Dad

    Submitted by Tammy C.
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