How the A-LIST Works:

Online surveys: Twice a month you will receive an email from A-LIST Founder Meryl Comer inviting you to answer a short survey.

Surveys ask about the issues we care about: Past survey topics include challenges for caregivers; dementia symptoms, such as agitation; managing the COVID-19 pandemic; and traveling with dementia.

We use anonymous survey results to make life better for our community: We make sure policy makers, researchers, health care providers, drug developers, insurers, and others who serve our community understand and consider our insights and preferences.

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"There is strength in the number of caregivers willing to devote their daily lives to improving the lives of their loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s. The A-LIST nurtures that strength by bringing us together to facilitate a path to a cure, and centering on the needs of both culturally diverse patients and caregivers." - A-LIST Caregiver

What We’ve Learned: The Impact of COVID-19

  • 86%

    of caregivers report having at least one stress symptom typically found in people experiencing severe stress.

  • 46%

    of people with dementia report a decline in memory.

“At the same time as my dad is rapidly declining, my husband is struggling with depression and memory issues to the point of losing his job after exhausting Family and Medical Leave. I am stretched very thin and feel drained and overwhelmed.” - A-LIST Caregiver 

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Takes Action: 2020 National Summit Town Hall

COVID-19 and Dementia: Lessons for the Next Pandemic

July Cover 2022

The Latest A-LIST Publications

A-LIST Pulse of the Community, Volume 12, August 2022: Connecting the Alzheimer's Community as Partners is Research. 

A-LIST Pulse of the Community, Volume 11, May 2022: The mission of the UsAgainstAlzheimer’s A-LIST® is to use survey results to make life better for the broader Alzheimer’s and dementia community.

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