Russ Paulsen

Chief Operating Officer

Russ Paulsen is the Chief Operating Officer of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Action, which bring all of us together to win the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. As COO, Russ leads the program, fundraising, finance, and government relations and policy teams.

Before joining UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Action, Russ held executive positions at the United Way and the American Red Cross, working on nationwide challenges in social service and public health. His team helped tens of thousands across the Gulf Coast and created the model for Red Cross long-term recovery programs when he headed up recovery after Hurricane Katrina. The public health campaign his team created around reduction of deaths and injuries from home fires has saved more than 650 lives and made more than 800,000 American homes safer since 2014.

An Illinois native, Russ currently lives with his family in suburban Washington, DC.

Bucket list item: Travel somewhere interesting and stay in one place for a month

Favorite Book: Good to Great