Our Enterprise

Sparking Collaboration for an Alzheimer’s Cure


Collaboration is core to our theory of change and is crucial to accelerating the search for a cure.


Our networks were formed to engage the communities most deeply affected by Alzheimer's through tailored programming and educational outreach efforts. United under the relentless force of UsAgainstAlzheimer's, each network has its own leadership and speaks with an independent voice.


Since our founding, we have emphasized the importance of collaboration in the fight against Alzheimer's. We convene a number of key coalitions focused on bringing the voices, expertise, and commitment of diverse stakeholders into the Alzheimer's movement.

Incubated Initiatives

As part of our commitment to social innovation, UsAgainstAlzheimer's incubates transformative initiatives in the Alzheimer's movement, addressing issues like clinical trial optimization and patient-powered research.

  • The Global Alzheimer’s Platform Foundation (GAP) was launched in 2015 by UsAgainstAlzheimer's and the Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer's Disease (CEOi) to create an integrated global clinical trial network to reduce the time, cost, and risk of Alzheimer's disease clinical trials, a critical factor to finding an effective treatment for the disease.

  • AD PACE, a first-of-its kind initiative led by patients, caregivers, and other advocates in collaboration with drug and device developers, regulatory and payer authorities, and researchers. We will build a platform to share patient and caregiver preferences with those who are developing new therapies and seeking to assure access to treatment, care and services that change the lives of those affected by Alzheimer’s.

  • The A-LIST is a first-of-its-kind standing cohort of those living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, or MCI, current and former care partners, and those at risk for the disease making their voices count for research and supporting the work of AD PACE and the What Matters Most study.

  • The Alzheimer’s and Dementia Disparities Engagement Network (ADDEN) is a national network of diverse researchers, patients, caregivers and stakeholder groups for collaboration and knowledge sharing around barriers, facilitators and priorities in Alzheimer’s research, programming, and policy. Launched in 2016, the platform aims to foster effective and inclusive community engagement and collaboration strategies and is partially funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington Engagement Award (4192-USAA).