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August 06, 2020 - Virginia Biggar

Giving Voice to What Matters Most: Our Stories

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s is launching “Giving Voice to What Matters Most” – a series featuring the stories of people who are living with dementia or at high risk for the disease. Tracey Lind, Greg O’Brien and Daisy Duarte recently met by Zoom to talk about issues that are important to them. By sharing their experiences, they hope to reduce stigma and misconceptions about dementia, and empower others to speak freely and live life to the fullest. Tracey, Greg and Daisy started by telling their stories. Tracey Lind: My name is Tracey Lind. I am 66 years old. I live in Cleveland, Ohio
July 01, 2020 - Roger Lowe

COVID-19 Impacts Increasing on People Living with Alzheimer’s in Nursing Homes and on their Families

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and restrictions in nursing homes and other long-term care communities are beginning their fifth month.
June 19, 2020 - Conor Michael O’Brien

Father’s Day Memories: Faith, Hope and Humor

My time with my father, and who he was, is now fleeting. I know tha
June 18, 2020 - Greg O'Brien

Father’s Day: A Refection through the Prism of Alzheimer’s

Father’s Day has me reflecting on all this, and striving to leave behind a legacy of love
May 29, 2020 - Roger Lowe

COVID-19 Pandemic’s Disproportionate and Dangerous Effects on the Alzheimer’s Community

The COVID-19 pandemic and closures have had disproportionate and dangerous effects throughout the Alzheimer’s community.