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Working with UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and Voices of Alzheimer’s, Jay Reinstein takes you with him to better understand a day in the life of someone living with Alzheimer’s.

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November 05, 2020 - Lynda Everman and Don Wendorf

Supporting Families Living with Dementia

November is both National Alzheimer's Disease Awareness Month and National Family Caregivers Month, and it offers an opportunity to recognize the efforts made to end Alzheimer’s and to acknowledge and support family caregivers. In our nation, 5.8 million people are living with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia, and more than 16.1 million family caregivers will provide an estimated 18.6 billion hours of difficult, selfless, and unpaid care in 2020, with a financial value of $305 billion. The numbers, the sacrifices and the suffering are staggering. And so is the isolation that comes with this disease – an isolation and loneliness
October 19, 2020 - Virginia Biggar

COVID-19 and Dementia: Lessons for the Next Pandemic

People with dementia and care partners are among those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly Black and Latino families. A new UsAgainstAlzheimer’s A-LIST® survey shows ongoing closures and restrictions continue to seriously affect the memory and behaviors of those living with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, and cause enormous ongoing stress for caregivers. In our September A-LIST survey, we asked respondents, “What do you think your local, state and federal governments, and community-based groups, should be doing to help those living with dementia or mild cognitive impairment and their caregivers to prepare for the next pandemic?” Here are some of
October 14, 2020 - Virginia Biggar

COVID-19 and Dementia: Imagining the Future with a Vaccine

With the national conversation focused on when a vaccine for COVID-19 might be approved and available, our recent UsAgainstAlzheimer’s A-LIST® survey asked the Alzheimer’s community about how their lives might change with an available vaccine. The September survey showed that 60 percent of survey respondents intend to get a COVID-19 vaccine when it is available. That’s nearly double the percentage of respondents in a recent national survey, but it still reflected concern that the vaccine development and testing was being rushed for political reasons. No community is being harder hit by a non-infectious disease in the middle of the COVID-19
October 01, 2020

Q&A with UsA2 Brain Health Equity Intern Sofia Arraut

During Hispanic Heritage Month, we have been featuring researchers, civil rights leaders, and people living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias on UsAgainstAlzheimers’ (UsA2) Twitter and Facebook accounts. Today we want to feature one of the youngest members on our team working to address Alzheimer’s in Latino communities. Sofia Natalia Arraut is a paid intern with our Brain Health Equity and Access program and attends Florida International University (FIU) where she is studying Nutritional Science with a Chemistry minor on a pre-medicine track. Too often, people think of Alzheimer’s as a disease that only affects older people, but its impacts are
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December 31, 2020

A-LIST Pulse of the Community (Archive 2018-2020)

A-LIST Pulse of the Community: Volume 1, Spring 2018 A-LIST Pulse of the Community: Volume 2, Fall 2018 A-LIST Pulse of the Community: Volume 3, Spring 2019 A-LIST Pulse of the Community: Volume 4, Fall 2019 A-LIST Pulse of the Community: Volume 5, Spring 2020 A-LIST Pulse of the Community: Volume 6, April 2020