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December 14, 2018

Millennials & Brain Health: Be Brain Powerful

While Alzheimer's disease is most common among people aged 65 and older, research from AARP and UsAgainstAlzheimer's finds its effects are being felt more and more by young people. Our chief of staff and executive director of our LatinosAgainstAlzheimer's network, Jason Resendez, spoke with young people who are shaping the Alzheimer's movement through advocacy, research and storytelling: Veronica Segovia of AARP; Andres Martin, millennial Alzheimer's caregiver and advocate; Nihal Satyadev of...

November 20, 2018

Biomarker Tests: What We Know & What's Ahead - Scott Lewis & Melissa Bianchi

What if a blood test or other simple exam could one day detect Alzheimer’s? Scientists are in pursuit of ways to test for Alzheimer’s by measuring a biomarker, any substance in the body that may indicate or rule out the presence of a disease. Currently many people with Alzheimer’s are never diagnosed by a physician—or are diagnosed at a very late stage. Broad availability and adoption of a blood-based test...

November 8, 2018

Veterans & Alzheimer’s: What's The Link? What Resources Are Available? Thomas Edes, MD & Alex Chiu, PhD

For Veterans Day, our Alzheimer’s Talk focused on the Alzheimer’s risks that veterans face, the Department of Veterans Affairs research working to understand this connection, and the great VA care and services available to veterans living with Alzheimer’s, their care partners and their families. Some quick facts:

  • Nearly half of America’s veterans are 65 or older, compared to just 15% of the general population, so veterans face above-average risk for...
October 4, 2018

In Search of a Way to Inhibit Tau - Prof. Claude Wischik

Tangles of the protein tau in the brain are known to be a sign of Alzheimer’s, but research seeking an Alzheimer’s treatment has long been more focused on the amyloid build-up that occurs.

For 30 years, Professor Claude Wischik, co-founder and executive chairman of TauRx Therapeutics, along with his colleagues at the University of Aberdeen, has explored the structure and role of tau in the development of Alzheimer’s and...