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My story begins about 7 years ago (looking back I now realize what I was seeing then was the beginning of our journey). My mom would misplace items, could not concentrate, and we would pass it off that she had too much on her mind. Her son (Gary) was an achololic and was creating problems. Gary moved in with mama about 5 years ago, and he passed away 3 years ago. When Gary was at mama's there was tension, I used to get very upset with Gary and even told him to move. This was not an option, he couldn't.

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Our experience with Alzheimer's began in the late 1990's when my father began to relate to us on occasional weekend visits to their home (or their visits to our home) that "your mother's memory is getting so bad." His reports became more persistent and more detailed and included things such as her trips to the grocery were turning into absence from home for hours and her usual wonderful cooking skills were turning into the same meal several times per week.

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Sons and Daughters

This seems so personal; however write I must. I could write a book about the past two and half  years. I was teaching  a piano lesson in Virginia when I received an emergency telephone call in August of 2012. My oldest brother had been taken to a hospital during the 115 degree heat with dehydration in Arkanasas. In addition to the devastating heat, I would eventually  learn a fuller explantion of what had  happened to him.

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Sons and Daughters


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