May 9, 2019

Building a Brain Health Care System - Anne Tumlinson


To help our brain span match our lifespan, we need a focus on brain health. Increasingly, research shows ways to prevent or reverse mild cognitive impairment and improve brain health. If we each do more to keep our brain healthy, with our doctor’s help, we will be better prepared as individuals and as a healthcare system to fight cognitive decline.

In this Alzheimer’s Talk, Thursday, we talk with healthcare and aging expert Anne Tumlinson. With input from 40+ expert contributors, she has authored recommendations for building a system of brain health care, including a yearly brain health check-up. The resulting paper, just released by UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Brain Health Partnership, spells out this vision and what’s needed to get there. Anne is also the founder of Daughterhood, a community of caregivers helping others navigate health and elder care.

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Starting with this session, you’ll see some exciting changes to Alzheimer’s Talks. Joining us as our host is former journalist, bestselling author and Alzheimer’s caregiver Meryl Comer. We’ll bring you Alzheimer’s news, along with our hallmark conversations with researchers and other leaders. You can still listen by phone, but if you listen online, you’ll see short videos and graphics to enrich the discussion.