Father’s Day: Reflections on Alzheimer’s Disease

Consider stories of how Alzheimer’s affects the fathers in our lives.

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We Won’t Wait to Stop Alzheimer’s because…

Every 65 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Demand action from lawmakers to pass the CHANGE Act and accelerate a cure.

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The Changing Face of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disproportionately affects Latinos, African Americans, and women. It’s time to build a more inclusive Alzheimer’s movement.

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Brain Health

How much do you know about brain health?

Current research suggests that keeping your brain healthy may be beneficial in the fight to prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s.

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Millennials and Dementia Caregiving

About half of millennial dementia caregivers stated that caregiving interfered with work, and 33% reported severe interference with work.

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Clinical trials

What’s it like to be in a clinical trial?

Without clinical trial volunteers, research for a cure goes nowhere. Hear Alzheimer’s researcher Reisa Sperling, MD demystify the clinical trial process.

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Father’s Day

We won't wait


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Millennials and Dementia Caregiving

Alzheimer’s Talks

  • A Letter from Our Chairman

    Anyone who has dealt with Alzheimer's knows the terrible toll it takes on patients and their families. I watched in horror as my wife’s brilliant, vibrant, extraordinary mother disappeared into the disease in the early 1990s. Alzheimer’s is a cancer-sized problem, and it demands a cancer-sized solution.

  • A Letter from Our Chairman

    NIH research funding for Alzheimer’s is increasing, but not fast enough to address the crisis at hand. While other disease states have decreasing death rates, the Alzheimer’s death rate has increased at a staggering pace. We need increases in research funding to keep up.

  • A Letter from Our Chairman

    Every 65 seconds another family learns a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I’ve had enough. Join me and demand more funding for Alzheimer’s. Together, we will find a cure. Sincerely, George Vradenburg.

We Are Committed to Stopping Alzheimer's by 2020.

  • Blog Post

    Father’s Day: Reflections on Alzheimer’s Disease

    This Father’s Day, a day when families come together to celebrate generations of beloved fathers in their lives, we pause to reflect upon the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on families.

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  • Why My Dad Isn’t Walking Me Down the Aisle

    When the reminders for Father’s Day begin, memories of Father’s Days past are what I cling to – memories that I know are buried deep inside my father as well.

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    What a President Will Do for UsAgainstAlzheimer’s

    UsAgainstAlzheimer’s is pushing for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease in an unprecedented way. It is demanding urgency and deploying innovative and creative strategies to help the United States – and

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Dementia Caregiver's Report

Millenials and Dementia

This issue brief explores millennial caregiving in the United States with the goal of enhancing our understanding of the experiences and challenges of young adults providing care for a family member or friend living with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias.