New Disease-Modifying Therapy Brings Good News for Early-Stage Alzheimer’s Patients

Washington, DC (July 2, 2024) — Early-stage Alzheimer’s patients have another choice in slowing their disease today, with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of donanemab. UsAgainstAlzheimer’s celebrates this new choice for patients. The study showed that it removes plaque in the brain within months for most patients, which means that some patients will have the opportunity to discontinue the drug in a year or less, which reduces the burden on patients and caregivers. 

 “This new therapy is a significant milestone in our fight against Alzheimer’s,” said UsAgainstAzheimer’s chair and co-founder, George Vradenburg. “By slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s with a drug whose treatment can be stopped, early-stage patients and their doctors have a second choice for slowing their progression of the disease. Having a second treatment for early-stage Alzheimer’s gives doctors another reason to detect cognitive decline and accurately diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s at its earliest stages, offering patients the invaluable gift of time. It is time to adopt a program for annual cognitive screening to assure that Alzheimer’s is caught early and diagnosed accurately.”

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