Call for a National Alzheimer’s Prevention Goal

Cognitive decline is not inevitable. It is time we aim to prevent it.

Sex Differences in Disorders of the Brain and Heart— A Global Crisis of Multimorbidity and Novel Opportunity

Dr. Jill Goldstein, Dr. Ana Langer, and Jill Lesser have published an article in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association on on the need to develop initiatives focused on sex/gender differences in major depressive disorder, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and the co-occurrence of these conditions. All of these conditions disproportionately affect women both from a health and economic standpoint.

Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic Causing Severe Stress for Alzheimer’s Caregivers and Affecting Care for People with the Disease

The COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions, now in their fourth month, have created severe stress for Alzheimer’s caregivers that is increasingly affecting care for their loved ones, according to findings from the fourth UsAgainstAlzheimer’s A-LIST® survey. Closures, stay-at-home orders, and fear of COVID-19 infection mean family caregivers are caring for their loved ones at home 24/7, with little or no help from home health aides or day services.

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Statement on the Death of George Floyd and the Social Justice Protests Across the Nation

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s stands with those across our country demanding racial justice. We stand with those who are calling for the inalienable rights of every person in this country to life and to liberty. We stand with those who seek the “more perfect union” promised in our founding documents. We condemn the systemic inequality and racial discrimination that infects our society and has prevented generations of Black and African Americans from contributing their full potential to our nation.

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Calls on Governors to Require Comprehensive COVID-19 Testing for All Nursing Home Residents and Staff

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s (UsA2) urged the nation’s governors to require comprehensive COVID-19 testing of all residents and staff of nursing homes and other long-term care communities. In a letter to Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, chair of the National Governor’s Association, UsA2 called on the NGA to encourage governors to require COVID-19 testing of all residents and staff of long-term care communities to protect the health and safety of many of the nation’s most vulnerable residents.

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Calls for Immediate COVID-19 Testing for All Nursing Home Staff and Residents

On May 4, UsAgainstAlzheimer’s called on the federal government to require immediate COVID-19 testing of all residents and staff of long-term care facilities such as nursing homes and assisted living communities to control the spread of the coronavirus among highly vulnerable residents, including people living with Alzheimer’s disease.

Call for a National Alzheimer’s Prevention Goal

Sex Differences in Disorders of the Brain and Heart

Coronavirus Impacts on Alzheimer’s Caregivers and Ability to Provide Care

Statement on the Death of George Floyd

UsA2 Letter to National Governor's Association

Letter to HHS

  • A Letter from Our Chairman

    UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Brain Health Partnership has issued a Call to Action white paper outlining recommendations for building a better system of care to promote brain health and fight back against Alzheimer’s.

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We Are Committed to Stopping Alzheimer's by 2020.


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    COVID-19 Impacts Increasing on People Living with Alzheimer’s in Nursing Homes and on their Families

    The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and restrictions in nursing homes and other long-term care communities are beginning their fifth month.
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The Pulse of the Community: Coronavirus Impacts on Alzheimer's Community

The A-LIST transforms the stories of more than 7,500 people living with Alzheimer’s or other dementias into evidence-based insights by providing unique, rapid-response, self-reported data through virtual surveys on what matters most on a wide range of Alzheimer’s-related topics. The A-LIST offers a powerful and validating voice for those living with Alzheimer’s and those caring for them, and a pathway to help expand treatments and accelerate toward a cure.