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Over 6 years ago my best friend and lover, my husband Donald, was diagnosed with dementia. It began with him not being able to remember how to manage a program as a engineer. This man holds a BS in engineering and MS in computer Science. He has managed projects for such companies as Boeing Commercial Aircraft company, in the Aerospace industry and finally in a small company close to his home. I begin to notice he forgot to turn off the stove, placing items in placese where they shouldn't be. He also began to forget to do simple things like lock the door.

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My Mother-

I think that people often think of dementia as someone slowly losing their memory – and of course it is that, but it is so much more.

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I think this is the sweetest story in the world. I will warn you that it might make your allergies act up and your eyes water a bit. I know it has that impact on me every time I think about it. It is about my mom and dad and I thought I would honor them today and post this:

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