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Hello my name is Jacque,

I am 19 years old, & I want to share my story about my best friend G.G. A.K.A. Gang-sta Granny, or LeWanda.  

My Grandmother was so instrumental in my life, she taught me the importance of reading at the young age of 4. She would tell the story of many books, she taught me how to use phonic form of reading, she was my biggest fan, as I would have her sit and watch me roll play Being my favorite (at that time) Brittany Spears, we took long, long walks, She helped raise me as my mother was a singel parent. 

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I created this collage to reflect how dementia has touched my life and my relationship with my mother. The title of the piece is "The Etiquette of Dementia." 


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Sons and Daughters

My elderly mother loved going grocery shopping with me, although it tired her out. She wandered happily through the store by my side, clutching the handle of a rolling shopping cart. She tended to smile at, and talk to, just about everyone who passed by.

Strangers frequently stopped to say, “You’re so lucky you have your mother. I wish mine were still alive.”

Every once in a while after a rocky night with my mother, I was tempted to say, “Well, our life together isn’t all peaches and cream.”

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Sons and Daughters


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