New Survey of Individuals Affected by Alzheimer’s Reveals Couples Don’t Discuss Their Wishes Related to Having Another Relationship

UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and the A-LIST today released findings for the It’s Personal: National A-List Survey of Alzheimer’s Couples survey, acquiring results from over 1,000 individuals. These findings will ensure that patients, families and caregivers have a voice in the transformation of Alzheimer’s research. Some of these findings were featured today on CBS This Morning in a piece on Alzheimer’s caregivers and companionship. 

Today’s survey results provide unique insight into how Alzheimer’s patients talk to their partners and spouses about living with cognitive decline, especially as it relates to caregivers having a relationship outside of their marriage. More key findings are below:

  • While a majority of couples report they discuss patient-related preferences, over 60% of those surveyed say they omitted or avoided a conversation about their spouse or partner seeking outside companionship.
  • When respondents were asked, "If you had Alzheimer's or dementia, would you support or be against your spouse or partner having outside companionship/affection," responses were divided Support (39%), Unsure (42%), Against (19%).
  • Respondents were divided on the question of whether the Alzheimer’s patient being in a facility or at home would make a difference for a spouse to have another relationship. There was a combined 50% split between "Yes" or "Unsure", and close to 50% said "No."  


The A-LIST is a community more than 6,000 individuals who participate in patient and caregiver research through online surveys. The A-LIST provides a unique, rapid-response, self-reported data resource that represents the voice of the patient and caregiver community. You can learn more about the A-List here.