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How to support the looming senior-citizen boom, George Vradenburg advocates for sustainable long-term care policies, and Carol Burnett and Marilu Henner raise Alzheimer's awareness with USA2 (read more). 

Must reads

  • A September 26, 2013 Slate article reported on how to support the nation's "coming senior-citizen boom." According to the article, "A recent Standard & Poor’s study warns that “no other force is likely to shape the future of national economic health, public finances, and policymaking as the irreversible rate at which the world's population is aging. … The cost of caring for [the elderly] …will profoundly affect growth prospects and dominate public finance policy debates worldwide.”"
  • A September 26, 2013 The Hill opinion piece by USA2 Chairman George Vradenburg advocated for a sustainable path for long-term care. According to Vradenburg, "The current system is fragmented, costly and inefficient. But we have an opportunity to address these problems practically and reasonably and to build a system that relieves the current and growing heavy economic burden on our nation and our families.  Diverse voices from the government, foundations, associations and the private sector working cooperatively will help fortify a positive, sustainable plan for tackling these challenges. We can’t squander this opportunity to build a better system for our parents and for ourselves."
  • A September 26, 2013 Sun Sentinel article reported that "University of Florida Health researchers and their colleagues will receive up to $7.7 million in funding over five years from the National Institutes of Health to use large data sets in humans and animals to speed up the process of finding therapies for Alzheimer's disease." According to the article, "The UF researchers are collaborating with colleagues at The Mayo Clinic Florida and the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle to combine large data sets from humans and mouse models of the disease and then use the results to look at patterns that point to potential therapies."


  • A September 25, 2013 ABC 7 article and broadcast segment highlighted the Los Angeles reading of Surviving Grace with Carol Burnett and Marilu Henner. Watch here: 


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