Today's Top Alzheimer's News

UCLA research links early Alzheimer's diagnosis to better clinical outcomes down the road, watch Yale researcher Dr. Stephen Strittmatter talk about the importance of federal funded medical research, and the negative impact of sequester on research (read more). 


Must reads

  • A September 25, 2013 UCLA News post announced that university researchers have found that "patients with early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease who are diagnosed sooner than usual using a brain-imaging test receive medications earlier and have significantly better clinical outcomes over subsequent years."
  • A September 25, 2013 interview with Yale University researcher Dr. Stephen Strittmatter focused on his Alzheimer's research and the importance of government funding for medical research. Video included.
  • A September 25, 2013 Roll Call article opinion piece by Morton Kondracke focused on the negative impact of sequester on scientific research and how it hurts the economy. According to Kondracke, "Not only are people going to die because progress that could be made against AIDS, cancer, influenza and brain diseases will stop — the point of my previous post — but the United States is in danger of killing off one of its great competitive advantages in the world. Other countries are increasing their research investment — China, Taiwan, India, Singapore and South Korea, hugely...If Congress and the administration ever begin serious negotiations on funding the government, they urgently need to find ways to exempt research from the sequester — in fact, to increase the funding substantially. As matters stand, we’re slaughtering America’s most golden goose."


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