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The negative impact of sequester on scientific research, Illinois consider cutting red tape for Alzheimer's sufferers, and the link between advanced dementia and poor nursing home car (read more).    

Must reads

  • A September 24, 2013 Washington Post article reported on the impact of the sequester on scientific research. According to the article, "The sequester has affected all parts of the government but the impact has been especially painful to those in biomedical research, where federal investment in inflation-adjusted dollars has decreased every year since 2003. Describing the scientific and medical community as “deeply demoralized,” NIH Director Francis Collins said in an interview that the budget cuts are delaying innovation and resulting in more American lives being lost." 
  • A September 24, 2013 CBS Chicago article reported that Illinois State Representative Robin Gable wants to cut red tape for Alzheimer's sufferers. According to Rep. Gable, "Filling out paperwork for long-term care insurance and having it be denied because they didn’t fill out the paperwork correctly, so people need some assistance with just maneuvering through the system."


  • A September 24, 2013 Reuters article reported that a new study has found "The chance that nursing home residents with advanced dementia will receive inappropriate care may be related to their insurance coverage."


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