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Sequestration's impact on medical research, Alzhemer's and empathy, and the Alzheimer's Foundation announces a new president (read more)

 Must reads 

  • A May 29, 2013 NBC News article reported on the negative impact of sequestration on medical research. According to the article, "Sequester cuts in medical research funding could end up widening the federal deficit the cuts were designed to contain in the first place. As an aging population raises the cost of treating diseases like diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer's, slowing the pace of research will delay the discovery of cures and treatments that might slow the rise in health care costs."
  • A May 28, 2013 opinion piece by Tom Swegle, CEO of MedCara Pharmaceuticals, advocated against changes to Medicare Part D and the drug protection period. According to Swegle, "If lawmakers shorten the drug protection period and alter the Medicare finance structure, they will indeed succeed in squeezing biopharmaceutical companies. But the certain unintended consequence of that could be fewer resources to invest in the research and development of the next generation of medicines."

 Research and science 

  • A May 28, 2013 National Geographic article reported on the connection between Alzheimer's and empathy. According to the article, "Researchers found for the first time that individuals with Alzheimer’s show a high level of ‘emotional contagion’, the unconscious ability to mimic another person’s emotions. And as the disease progresses, destroying more brain cells and cognitive skills, this emotional empathy gets stronger, allowing patients to become more sensitive — and more vulnerable — to the feelings, words, and behaviors of other people."
  • Scientist make breakthrough in fight against Alzheimer's [MyFox Austin Video] (5/28/13)

 Additional coverage 

  • A May 28, 2013 New York Business Journal article reported that the Alzheimer's Foundation appointed Carol Steinberg as its new president. According to the article, "Steinberg replaces Eric J. Hall, the nonprofit group's founding chief executive and president, who resigned Feb. 1. Steinberg was named acting CEO after Hall's resignation and AFA said it is continuing to search for a permanent CEO."


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