Today's Top Alzheimer's News

Untangling the mysteries of Alzheimer's, Americans living longer and healthier years, and the work of the Alzheimer's Poetry Project on PBS Newshour (read more). 

Must reads and watch

  • A September 13, 2013 USA Today article reported on the efforts of the Alzheimer's Prevention Registry to "recruit up to 250,000 people for a registry available to academic and pharmaceutical companies that are conducting Alzheimer's prevention trials." 
  • A September 12, 2013 Harvard Gazette article reported on a new study that found that Americans "enjoy more healthy years than a generation ago." According to the article, "The study shows that Americans are healthier than ever. The data show people living longer and reporting more energy, less depression and anxious moods, and less impairment in everyday tasks like walking and caring for themselves. All of the groups examined — blacks, whites, females, and males — showed improved quality-adjusted life expectancy."


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