Today's Top Alzheimer's News

Huckabee calls on GOP to take drastic action to cure diseases like Alzheimer's and cancer, the human impact of sequestration, and NPR explores the link between Alzheimer's and copper (read more). 

Must reads (and listen) 

  • An August 26, 2013 Think Progress article reported that former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee said "the GOP should advocate for a government-funded Manhattan-style project to “focus on a cure [for disease] rather than just focus on a treatment.”" According Huckabee, “We said in 1961 we were going to put a man on the moon and in a decade we did it. We said we were going to cure Polio and we did it in the 50s. We said we were going to build an atom bomb in the 40s and we did it. Where is that kinds of focus, funding and fixing it?”
  • An August 23, 2013 Mission & State article profiled the impact of sequestration on a California nonprofit that delivers meals to senior citizens, including several Alzheimer's sufferers. According to the article, "The 2011 Budget Control Act trigged $85 billion in federal spending cuts on March 1. The cuts are split between defense and non-defense program over seven months. Fran Forman, the commission’s executive director, says the sequester slashed $30,000 from CAC’s Healthy at Home program budget and will result in layoffs down the road. (Even Meals on Wheels will have to reduce the number of days it delivers meals to compensate for its loss of federal support.)" 
  • An August 23, 2013 NPR audio story explored the link between copper intake and Alzheimer's in mice.


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