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Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) named co-chair of Congressional Alzheimer's Task Force, British universities fight Alzheimer's, and how hot cocoa impacts memory (read more).


Must reads

  • An August 8, 2013 Los Angeles Sentinel article reported that "Congresswoman Maxine Waters (CA-43) has been named the new co-chair of the Congressional Task Force on Alzheimer’s disease. She will lead the Caucus as the Democratic co-chair, alongside the Republican co-chair, Congressman Chris Smith (NJ-04)."
  • An August 8, 2013 Business Weekly (UK) article reported on the contributions of British universities in the fight against Alzheimer's. According to the article, "The Universities of Hertfordshire, Cambridge and East Anglia are contributing positively to the debate for more targeted research.Every year disorders of the brain, including dementia, stroke, and mental health, cost the UK around £112 billion, according to a new report by leading neuroscientists…The researchers argue that investing in research into brain disorders, which will allow us to better understand, prevent and treat brain diseases, has the potential to considerably reduce the overall economic burden to society and improve patient quality of life."
  • An August 7, 2013 CBS News article and video clip reported that a new study has found cocoa may sharpen the brains of seniors and help to fend off dementia. According to the article, "Researchers are reporting in the Aug. 7 issue of Neurology that seniors who drank two cups of hot cocoa a day for one month performed better on thinking and memory tests than those who didn't. Brain imaging also showed cocoa-drinkers had better blood flow in the brain.The study's authors say their research reflects a growing body of evidence that blood flow in the brain impacts thinking and memory."


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