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Blood-pressure drugs slow dementia in some patients, Lilly's hope for its Alzheimer's pipeline, and an audio feature on caregiving (read more).  


Research and science 

  • A July 25, 2013 Bloomberg article reported that researchers have found that blood-pressure drugs have slowed dementia in some patients. According to the article, "Patients taking drugs known as ACE inhibitors that are used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure had lower rates of deterioration caused by certain types of dementia, according to researchers who reviewed Canadian hospital records...The findings indicate that ACE inhibitors hold promise as an inexpensive way to ease the burden of dementia, Molloy said. The affliction will probably become more common as the world’s population ages. A further study is needed to examine if ACE inhibitors also prevent the onset of dementia, Molloy said."
  • A July 24, 2013 Bloomberg article reported on Lilly's dependence on its Alzheimer's pipeline to restore growth to the company. According to the article, "Lilly is counting on experimental drugs for Alzheimer’s and diabetes to revive growth as it loses patent protection on some of its top products, including Cymbalta, the osteoporosis treatment Evista and Zyprexa for schizophrenia. The company has cut costs to help fund its drive for new drugs, and last week said it would freeze wages for most of its workers."


  • A July 25, 2013 The Take Away featured an audio series on caregivers. According to the post, "Throughout the week, we're talking with caregivers—people who give much of their time and energy to caring for children, parents and other loved ones who need regular and ongoing assistance. In some cases, this caregiving can last weeks or months. In others, it can last well-over a decade."


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