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University of Chicago geriatrician urges against pursuing an early Alzheimer's diagnosis, Sen. Jeff Merkley's support of Alzheimer's research, and the importance of exercise, good eating, and sleep in keeping your brain active (read more).   


Must Reads

  • A July 19, 2013 New York Times letter-to-the-editor by Daniel Brauner, geriatrician and ethicist at the University of Chicago, advocated against purshing an early Alzheimer's diagnosis. According to Brauner, "Except for feeding the burgeoning dementia research community and placating those who feel better having a diagnosis, there seems little advantage at this time to pursuing an early diagnosis of a disease that is still without decent therapy when the patient is only destined to get worse."
  • A July 20, 2013 Statesmen Journal opinion piece by Alzheimer's advocate Karen Peck highlighted the importance of Alzheimer's funding and research. According to Peck, "This month, Sen. Jeff Merkley successfully supported a $104 million funding bill for Alzheimer’s research, $4 million more than was originally asked for. His work and support are invaluable to all of us. Profound gratitude goes to Merkley and his staff for their dedication to mental health and, hopefully someday, an Alzheimer’s-free world.We have to be the heroes of someone else’s life when Alzheimer’s comes along."


  • A July 20, 2013 USA Today article reported on the importance of a "mix of exercise, good eating, sleep and solid nutrition" to preventing Alzheimer's. According to the article, "Taking preventive measures against dementia involves common sense, healthy activities — exercising regularly, eating well, sleeping enough — as well as keeping your brain active and challenged.Precise prescriptions aren't possible yet, but new evidence for prevention came out this week at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Boston, said Steven Arnold, director of the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Memory Center."


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