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Author Deborah Swiss advocates for Alzheimer's funding, healthy lifestyles and dementia, and ten warning signs of Alzheimer's (read more).    


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  • A July 18, 2013 Huffington Post opinion piece by author Deborah Swiss advocated for increased funding for Alzheimer's research and highlighted USAgainstAlzheimer's. According to Swiss, "Alzheimer's has stolen my mother's ability to voice an opinion. One in three seniors will die from a form of dementia so every one of us needs to speak for those silenced by this undignified killer. Alzheimer's is an epidemic. It urgently requires the level of funding that has made a difference for those afflicted with cancer, heart disease, and AIDS. We also need major help from the private sector. If there's to be any hope of finding a cure in our lifetime, we need billions of dollars for more research. This is our war to wage, and one we can't afford to lose."
  • A July 18, 2013 Los Angeles Times article highlighted research that finds healthier lifestyles may decrease dementia. According to the article, "In other words, many of the public health interventions that have been put into place since the 1970s, such as encouraging Americans and people all over the world to exercise more, cutting down on smoking, the disappearance of the Marlboro Man, if you will, eating healthier, and indeed better education, I think all of these things might be having an effect."
  • A July 16, 2013 HealthDay article reported on the efforts of researchers to model how Alzheimer's progresses in the brain. According to the article, "The scientists behind the new research identified distinct but overlapping phases in the course of Alzheimer's disease, each detectable by biological "markers" showing physical changes in the brain. They also have refined their model to distinguish between these "biomarkers" of Alzheimer's disease and those of normal aging."


  • A July 18, 2013 The Fall River Spirit (MA) article reported on a production of Trish Vradenburg's "Surviving Grace." According to the article, ""Surviving Grace," a critically acclaimed drama-comedy by Trish Vradenburg, takes over the Little Theatre of Fall River Firebarn stage this month...Director Ron Robinson saw the play in New York 10 years ago and thought it would make a great Firebarn production."

 News you can use

  • A July 18, 2013 CNN article highlighted ten warming signs of Alzheimer's, including memory changes that disrupt daily life, challenges in planning or solving problems, and more. 


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