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California Supreme Court rules that carers can't sue Alzheimer's patients, three myths related to Alzheimer's disease, and GliaCure gets $5.8 million to develop Alzheimer's drug (read more).  

Must reads and watch 

  • An August 4, 2014 The Sacramento Bee article reported that the California Supreme Court ruled that "People with Alzheimer's disease are not liable for injuries they may cause their paid in-home caregivers, California's highest court ruled Monday in a case involving a home health aide who was hurt while trying to restrain a client." According to the article, "The California Supreme Court ruled 5-2 that people hired to work with Alzheimer's patients should know the disease commonly causes physical aggression and agitation in its later stages. The court majority concluded it would therefore be inappropriate to allow caregivers who get hurt managing a combative client to sue their employers. "It is a settled principle that those hired to manage a hazardous condition may not sue their clients for injuries caused by the very risks they were retained to confront," Justice Carole Corrigan wrote for the majority."
  • An August 4, 2014 NBC News video clip highlighted three myths related to Alzheimer's disease.
  • An August 4, 2014 Boston Globe article reported that "GliaCure Inc., a Boston-based company looking to develop a drug for Alzheimer’s disease, said Monday that it has completed a $5.8 million B round financing." According to the article, "GliaCure’s lead product candidate is currently designated as GC021109. The company is currently developing GC021109 as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, the company believes it also has potential to treat other disorders such as psoriasis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and glaucoma."


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