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New drug target for Alzheimer's identified by University of Michigan researchers, the power of music for dementia patients, and dementia rates rise by more than 60% in UK (read more).   

Must reads

  • A July 31, 2014 Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News article reported that researchers have identified Golgi as a "potential drug target for Alzheimer's disease." According to the article, University of Michigan scientists believe their "study demonstrates a molecular mechanism for Golgi fragmentation and its effects on amyloid precursor protein trafficking and processing in AD, suggesting Golgi as a potential drug target for AD treatment."
  • A July 31, 2014 Los Angeles Times article highlighted the documentary "Alive Inside" and its "power for dementia patients." According to the article, "The music therapy, Rossato-Bennett said, "is inexpensive, and what it does it create empathy on both sides of the equation. We are trying to bring younger people and older people together. We are trying to bring families together." Rossato-Bennett said personalized music is not just about "putting headphones on somebody's head. It is about asking them what they are feeling, what they are seeing and keeping the conversation going because connection is actually one of the things that has [been] scientifically proved to keep people with Alzheimer's alive and awake even longer.""
  • A July 30, 2014 The Independent (UK) article reported "The number of people diagnosed with dementia in England has risen by more than 60 per cent in seven years, new figures have revealed." According to the article, "Experts said that the new figures still did not reflect the full extent of dementia in England, as around half the people living with the condition have never had a diagnosis. Indeed increased rates of diagnosis have been welcomed as good news, because a definitive diagnosis can make it easier for people to access support and treatment."


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