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Novartis launches new Alzheimer's study and the growing focus on preventative treatments for Alzheimer's takes center stage at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (read more).  

Must reads

  • A July 15, 2014 Reuters article (via Chicago Tribune) reported that "Novartis said it would test two experimental Alzheimer's drugs on people with a genetic risk of developing dementia, aiming to gauge whether the treatments can prevent or delay symptoms of the memory-robbing disease." Also reported on by Bloomberg and others.
  • A July 15, 2014 Wall Street Journal article reported on the growing focus on preventative treatments for Alzheimer's. According to the article, "Results from one of the largest randomized prevention trial to date presented Sunday here at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference suggest why scientists are thinking this way. The trial found that intervention involving exercise, diet and other behavioral changes significantly improved overall cognitive functioning in patients after two years, compared with patients in a control group. The trial, conducted in Finland and known as Finger, is only one of roughly 25 such studies under way, experts say. More are set to begin, examining different preventive strategies in cognitively normal people or those exhibiting mild memory problems who are at high risk for developing dementia." Also reported on by BloombergForbes, and USA Today and others.
  • A July 14, 2014 Wausau Daily Herald (WI) opinion piece by Kim Kinner advocated for increased federal research funding for Alzheimer's. According to the author, "Scientists say we are at a tipping point on Alzheimer’s research. We have the ideas, the technology and the will. But we do not have a commitment from the federal government." Kim Kinner is the executive director of the Alzheimer’s Association Greater Wisconsin Chapter, Green Bay.


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