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New UK study finds one in five dementia sufferers gets no support, new study from the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health reveals 99% failure rate for new Alzheimer's drugs, and the potential of video games to address health issues (read more). 

Must Reads

  • A July 3, 2014 OnMedica (UK) article reported that a new study from the Alzheimer's Society found that "One in five people affected by dementia gets no information and support." According to the article, "The poll of people with dementia, carers and people with a family member or friend with dementia was carried out by the Alzheimer’s Society. It reveals a shortage of post-diagnosis support provision, with 90% of those surveyed dissatisfied with the amount of information and support provided."
  • A July 2, 2014 Las Vegas Review Journal article reported that a new study from the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health revealed "During the decade 2002-2012, the failure rate for drugs developed to treat Alzheimer’s disease was a woeful 99.6 percent." According to the article, "That analysis, which found that one drug showed effectiveness while 244 others failed, is the first-ever conducted of clinical trials for a disease that is expected to leave millions of baby boomers with dementia in the next few decades."
  • A July 2, 2014 Green Bay Press Gazette article reported on the use of video games to explore and address health issues like Alzheimer's. According to the article, "Advocates of so-called neurogaming say the concept in a few years will incorporate a wide array of physiological factors, from a player’s heart rate and hand gestures to pupil dilation and emotions. Moreover, they envision many such games being developed to improve the health, brainpower and skills of those playing them…Other companies hope to use similar games to assist patients with ailments ranging from Alzheimer’s disease to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)."


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