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Life purpose and Alzheimer's, researchers discover a new compound that halves amyloid protein, and the Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer's Disease (CEOi), Sage Bionetworks and DREAM Project launched the Alzheimer's Disease Big Data DREAM Challenge #1 (read more). 

Must read

  • A June 3, 2014 New York Times article reported on the link between having a "purpose" in life and cognitive decline. According to the article, "What have the scientists learned? Let’s start with arguably the most feared disease of old age. Following almost 1,000 people (age 80, on average) for up to seven years, Dr. Boyle’s team found that the ones with high purpose scores were 2.4 times more likely to remain free of Alzheimer’s than those with low scores; they were also less likely to develop mild cognitive impairment, often a precursor."  

Research and science 

  • A June 3, 2014 Nature World News article reported that "Researchers have found that a compound, 2-PMAP, halves the level of amyloid protein, which are associated with Alzheimer's disease. The study was conducted on animal models, but scientists are hopeful that the compound could be used to slow down or delay Alzheimer's disease progression in humans too."
  • A June 2, 2014 Los Angeles Times article reported on the link between bilingualism and slowing the brain's decline. According to the article, "Learning a language seemed to make as much difference in people’s later-in-life cognitive decline as a gene that’s been tied to risk of Alzheimer’s disease and smoking (or non-smoking) habits."

Big Data Challenge


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