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California researchers grapple with solving Alzheimer's crisis, the search for genes that prevent diseases like Alzheimer's, and the link between cynicism and Alzheimer's (read more). 


Must reads

  • A May 29, 2014 Sacramento Bee article reported on the efforts of California researchers to "grapple" with Alzheimer's as it threatens to overwhelm the healthcare system. According to the article, "Against the setting of this looming public health crisis, scientists devote themselves to diagnosis and research along the third-floor hallways of the Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center on the leafy UC Davis Medical Center campus. They are unlikely warriors on the front lines: the neurologists and neuropsychologists, the project scientists and brain-imaging whiz kids and dedicated clinic staff who are fascinated by the science of the aging brain but frustrated by how little public recognition there seems to be that a crisis is at hand."
  • A May 29, 2014 The Atlantic article reported on the search for genes that prevent diseases like Alzheimer' and cancer. According to the article, "Known as the Resilience Project, the study's proof-of-concept findings are published today in Science. The full project will analyze DNA from healthy volunteers to identify people with genetic mutations that are known to cause rare and severe inherited childhood diseases but who nevertheless have remained healthy. ...Eventually, Friend says the hope is to extend the Resilience Project beyond inherited childhood disease to wide spectrum of more common adult diseases—such as Alzheimer's, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease—that can affect us throughout our lives."
  • A May 29, 2014 BBC News article reported that new research suggests a link between cynicism and dementia. According to the article, "Researchers compared levels of cynical distrust in 622 people with the incidence of dementia.They said people with high levels of distrust were twice as likely to develop dementia.Experts said any findings that helped understand the disease were important, but called for larger studies."
  • A May 29, 2014 The Charleston Gazette article reported that "The Alzheimer’s Association’s West Virginia chapter recognized Rockefeller for his contributions to Alzheimer’s research during its 13th annual Thanks for the Memories luncheon, held Thursday in Charleston."


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