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The scarcity of brains impacting neuroscience research, rich donors partner with government to fund Alzheimer's research in Canada, and World Dementia Council meets for the first time (read more). 

Must reads

  • A May 1, 2014 Newsweek article reported that "A scarcity of brains for autopsies could be holding back neuroscience." Thomas R. Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, which recently launched the Human NeuroBioBank to increase collection of brain tissue, stated, “It's remarkable how few brains we have to study for neurodevelopmental disorders like autism, for rare [central nervous system] disorders like DiGeorge syndrome or for control brain tissue, especially at young ages."
  • A May 1, 2014 Montreal Gazette article reported on a new Canadian private-public partnership to support brain research in Canada. According to the article, "Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Montreal Thursday to announce a total of $18.7 million in new funding, half of that donated by the Azrieli Foundation (founded by Westmount real estate mogul David Azrieli) and the Chagnon Family (André Chagnon founded Vidéotron), and matched through the Government of Canada's Brain Research Fund."

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