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George Vradenburg and Stanley Prusiner called for increased government action to take on Alzheimer's, Democrat & Chronicle calls on New York to make Alzheimer's a priority, the impact of Alzheimer's on Latinos, and 11 reasons why we can't ignore Alzheimer's (read more).  


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  • A March 16, 2014 Wall Street Journal opinion piece by George Vradenburg and Stanley Prusiner highlighted Alzheimer's growing death toll and called for increased research funding to tackle the issue. According to the authors, "We must escalate the battle against this tragic disease. Since Alzheimer's is a cancer-size problem, it needs a cancer-size response. The federal government must take the lead by dramatically increasing research funds and mobilizing collaboration between academic research and the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Until that happens, we'll continue to watch in horror as this disease claims an increasing number of friends, family and loved ones, including presidents and prime ministers." 
  • A March 18, 2014 Democrat & Chronicle (NY) editorial called on New York to make Alzheimer's a state-wide priority. According to the authors, "Though Alzheimer’s disease has long been linked to aging, and New York has a fast-growing aging population, the state continues to treat the much-feared diagnosis as a low priority…With adequate funding from both state and federal sources, that timeline perhaps could be significantly shortened. Then current medications could be used earlier to slow progression of Alzheimer’s, which currently has no cure."
  • A March 17, 2014 CBS Dallas Forth Worth article and video segment highlighted the impact of Alzheimer's on Latinos. According to the article, "Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center "say Mexican American Hispanics may have an increased risk of developing memory problems that could lead to Alzheimer’s disease — early. In fact, research suggests those early memory problems could surface as much as 10 years sooner than in non-Hispanic whites. And while experts are calling for more extensive research, education and awareness, the statistics are already a heartbreaking reality for the Herrera family."
  • A March 17, 2014 Fiscal Times opinion piece by Michael Hodin highlighted 11 reasons why "we can't ignore Alzheimer's anymore." According to Hodin, "As they look at the Obama administration’s budget projections for 2015, analysts at the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) might factor in 11 vital points about Alzheimer’s as part of a serious new analysis of what is to come: 1. Alzheimer’s is a fiscal nightmare2. Rates of the illness will quadruple7.High-tech solutions are in the pipeline…10.We need prevention before cure…" among others. 

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