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Columbus editorial calls for increased Alzheimer's research funding, George Vradenburg challenges Silicon Valley to tackle Alzheimer's, and The New York Times editorial board underscores the need for action against Alzheimer's (read more).   

Must reads

  • A March 13, 2014 The Columbus Dispatch editorial called for increased research funding to curb Alzheimer's. According to the editorial, "Quantifying the toll that Alzheimer’s takes on the afflicted and their loved ones is important not only to increase attention, but also to make a case for increased funding for research. Every medical cause is looking for a greater share of finite research dollars, and all have compelling arguments to make. Given the very wide and heretofore underreported impact of Alzheimer’s, though, there is a strong case to be made for increasing funding into ways to slow and stop the disease."
  • A March 12, 2014 Huffington Post piece by USA2 co-founder George Vradenburg encouraged Silicon Valley leaders to join in the fight against Alzheimer's. According to Vradenburg, "That's the message for Silicon Valley: keep dating, and get more fully on board. Unleash your powers and join the global fight against beat Alzheimer's. It is only with Silicon Valley's leadership that the "digitization of medicine" will come to be."
  • A March 12, 2014 New York Times editorial highlighted new numbers from Rush University Medical Center on the devastating impact of Alzheimer's and underscored the need for action. According to the editorial, "But, in reality, the new study said Alzheimer’s was the underlying cause in more than 500,000 deaths in 2010 that were often attributed to conditions, such as pneumonia, caused by complications of Alzheimer’s…Alzheimer’s is already a burden on caregivers and health care budgets. As more people live to advanced ages, it will become more of a burden. The rising toll makes it imperative to intensify research into ways to treat and prevent the disease." 


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