Today's Top Alzheimer's News

Browning meat linked to Alzheimer's and the Senate to hear testimony from Alzheimer sufferers and celebrities on the economic and personal impact of the disease (read more).  

Must reads

  • A February 24, 2014 BBC News article reported that "Browning meat in the oven, grill or frying pan produces chemicals which may increase the risk of developing dementia, US researchers suggest." 
  • A February 24, 2014 The Hill article reported that "The Senate Appropriations subcommittee governing healthcare spending will look at the economic and personal toll of Alzheimer’s disease."
    • A February 24, 2014 Kansas City Star article reported that "Former six-term member of Congress Dennis Moore is scheduled to return to Capitol Hill on Wednesday...testifying about the Alzheimer’s disease he’s contracted and the impact it’s had on his family."
    • A February 24, 2014 DCist post reported that actor Seth Rogen "will be in town to testify before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee in a hearing on the economic impact of Alzheimer's research in the U.S."


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