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Alabama Alzheimer's TaskForce increases awareness in the state, Peter, Paul, and Mary sing for Alzheimer's, and Home Instead Senior Care joins GEOi (read more). 

Must reads

  • A February 18, 2014 article reported on the efforts of Alabama's Alzheimer's TaskForce to increase awareness of the disease in the state. According to the article, "Finally, though, it has taken on life. Nearly 25 professionals from across the state, including Brandi Medina, the director of programs and education for the Huntsville chapter of the Alzheimer's Association, have met to author the program. Advocates fanned out across the state last summer to hold town hall meetings, to hear the stories of Alzheimer's families, to learn what was needed most. Certainly, a greater financial investment is needed. But it's much more than that. There is the simple bit of awareness and education. Law-enforcement officials and first responders need to know how to handle instances involving dementia patients."
  • A February 18, 2014 article reported that folk group Peter, Paul, and Mary will play an Alzheimer's benefit concert in Tallahassee. The article includes a video interview with patient advocate Dr. Sandy Halperin who was instrumental in securing the group for the concert. 
  • Home Instead Senior Care Joins The Global CEO Initiative on Alzheimer's Disease [CEOi Press Release] (2/18/14)


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